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Who Are We Because Of Our Clothes? Video Ad From H&M Begs The Question

Let's take a moment and ask ourselves who we would be if we were all just naked?

We would have: no clothes to protect our truth; no leather jackets to make us feel cool; no accessories to disguise our fears; no control on how the world perceives us.

As a fashion designer and custom wardrobe specialist, I have danced the line between self expression and the need to tell a story. Fashion to me is as fluid as what I eat. Everyday is different and there is a lot choice. Never do I plan ahead on what I will wear because it is my mood and mind that connect in that morning moment that enables my inspiration.

We are all artists, and for those who dare to express their art through clothes, you inspire me and keep me bold. Thanks to all of the amazingly fashionable people I have around me who remind me to engage with the creative side of life and enjoy the journey.

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