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Official Music Video for "Voicemail" by MarlaG

As an artist, the road to success is mostly set like a overgrown forest: you really have a lot of work to do before you can see any light.

You will chase your dreams for years all the while your goals and ideas will constantly shift. You never really experience the feeling of satisfaction because perfection doesn't exist, even though you're under the gun to reflect a perfect image.

Additionally to the inner torture that artists live with, there are all kinds of people around you, many of whom don't understand or relate to your artistic funny ways of "organized chaos" and procrastination tactics. And if you're not careful, those people sometimes can make your work feel trivial or not important.

All that being said, I couldn't imagine my life without my art and express my gratitude as often as I can for the blessed fortune that is the opportunity to create. As a 30 year old, independent woman, these are some truths that I've learned life.

There are no certainties.

No one has the asnwers and we all have the asnwers.

Anybody can be the start of new inspiration.

Nobody can be you, and you can't be anybody else either.

Somebody around you looks at you in admiration.

Be humble because pain is pain, and happiness is joy.

We are all more similar than we are different.

Stay centered to what you know is true and never stop learning about the things you don't.

Really smart people don't expect new results from the same behaviour.

Be your change.

Smart is sexy.

I produced this video in June 2012. As an artist, it's hard to look back at old work without seeing all the mistakes or faults, but today I will choose to share it instead without critique, without opinions; without backstories... This is my art.

Today, I share with you my first official music video that I dreamt up and produced with a talented and amazing crew!

Live your life the best way you know how. This is my story. This is my life. #GlamRock for life baby.

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