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Fashion Designer Marla Guloien Get's Set To Launch The Ecommerce Storefront For Shopping

We are now just weeks away from launching the ecommerce storefront to the world, making it finally possible to purchase and own the custom studded style from fashion designer Marla Guloien.

'GlamRock by Marla Guloien' is an interesting story because it began as a collection and became a lifestyle. Now, the 250 piece collection of custom, one-of-a-kind studded garments is nearly packaged and ready to go from our exclusive 'Marketplace' section of our store. In addition to these custom, celebrity worn pieces, we now have sizes and colors in our signature style jacket, making it possible for everyone to #BeGlamRock.

ShopGlamRock's 'Marketplace' will feature celebrity worn samples, editorial styling and everything else GlamRock at our special sale price! Affordable luxury fashion and celebrity style, get ready to bookmark our site for weekly promotions and hot fashion!