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How To Run SeaWheeze 2015 Like A #GuloienGirl

How do you run a half marathon like a #GuloienGirl?

It is so exciting to be running with my oldest sister Krista Guloien, two time Olympian and silver medalist rower! And funny enough, I'm running as my other sister Leah Guloien, Canadian cyclist and athlete extraordinaire! Sorry Leah, but I have a time chip registered to your name and will not be as fast!

Ok, so a better question that I can answer is how do I run a half marathon! I have done them before and trained many hours; however, this time that was not the case!

What is the difference between the Olympian and the fashion designer getting ready to run the race? haha....Krista went to the gym for a warm up on the bike, and I had a bath and blow dried my hair and put a little makeup on! :)

I will definitely write a bit more on this subject after I have survived the race, but for now, I will be mind over matter and put one foot in front of the other!

Let's go SeaWheeze, let's go!

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