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The SeaWheeze 2015 Weekend Warrior Survival Story

When you ask Google, a weekend warrior is defined as a person who participates in an activity only in their spare time. Next question should be, if you are relatively fit and have experience running, how many days will it still take for your body to recover? Last question, what if you a #GuloienGirl and believe in #MindOverMatter? :)

SeaWheeze 2015 #GuloienGirls Style

This was an exciting weekend in my family!

Both of my sisters and myself were registered participants in fitness endurance events. Originally, my sisters Krista and Leah registered to run together; however, this event conflicted with an

Canadian Olympian Krista Guloien

My new goal was set! Run the Vancouver 2015 SeaWheeze Half-Marathon for a my summer vacation event and fitness adventure with my sister Krista Guloien. Not only is she an awesome older sister, but she is an inspiring athlete and two time Canadian Olympian and silver medalist rowing champion. Retired in 2013, she is currently working on her book, following her voice and setting her path to what is next.

All three of us set out minds eye on that same day, August 15, 2015. The SeaWheeze Half Marathon is 21.1km (13.1 miles) of breathtaking scenery, salty ocean air and physical endurance.

Krista finished in 2 hr 14 mins, and I ran 2 hr 40 mins.

Of course, the video is the day after my amazing finish! Perhaps next year I will train!

Krista Guloien and Marla Guloien Running In Vancouver SeaWheeze 2015

SeaWheeze 2015 People

SeaWheeze 2015 Vancouver

Leah's adventure didn't exactly compare

The date and respective events gave us all a date to train towards, but more importantly, a date in our lives to remember and share.

When you come from an athletically accomplished and inclined family of athletes like mine, there are times when you too believe that you can be capable of anything upon which you set your mind. I love this sense of inspiration, motivation and perhaps element of crazy that invigorates my life!

These events and memories are awesome to share, and I love life in all these moments. As we finished the SeaWheeze in Vancouver, my parents and my sister Krista and I all tracked Leah online as she rode the 100 mile race! 19th overall in the women's division, my sister Leah Guloien finished Leadville 100 in 9 hrs 11 min. So cool. #GuloienGirls #BeGlamRock

My mom and dad are definitely the inspiration and cheer team behind all of us! I feel lucky to have an inspiring family that pushes me hard towards being my best and who help me believe in absolute greatness. I have so many stories of inspiration from all of them and I can't wait to keep blogging, and of course, I will keep on training too!

Weekend warror style is who I am and I wouldn't change it for the world. Last weekend, I went mountain biking with my dad! It sure is nice to be in Canada when these outrageously awesome trails are right outside your back door!

I wonder what I will do next weekend!

Stay tuned because there is so much more!

Nels Guloien Mountain Biking with Daughter Marla Guloien

Crankworx Mountain Bike Festival in Whistler with Nels Guloien and Marla Guloien