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Life As An Artist With Marla Guloien | Digital Media, Music, Fashion, Film

Life as an artist for Marla Guloien is about following her inspiration, connecting to those around her and believing in the possibilities of a powerful mind.

Digital Media | Technology | Music | Fashion | Film

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In 2010, she released her first album, "Marla Guloien Debut". In 2012, she released her second album, "This Is Me". Inspired by her own career of performing, she began to create her studded leather jacket collection that became very well known to celebrities and Hollywood stylists alike. "GlamRock by Marla G" became a one-of-a-kind collection, designed for the rockstar and worn by major celebrities like Nicki Minaj, Christina Aguilera, Shakira, Mel B, Paulina Rubio, and many more. In 2013-2014, most nights you could see her stand out pieces on primetime shows like American Idol & The Voice or inside hundreds of magazines, editorials features and covers.

Marla's many passions include music, fashion, film but also technology. Having graduated from Simon Fraser University's Communication, Interactive Art & Technology program, she has gone on to present as a keynote speaker in many areas of her field where technology marries fashion, TV and consumer behaviour, as well as forecasting new digital trends. As a guest lecturer to the university (SFU CMNS) she speaks to audience engagement, motivation and brand development, and also the digital footprint.

Marla operates and manages both her online ecommerce store ; her video production and digital media management company ; and her personal profile, blog & speaker site

Life as an artist is like a roller coaster; it has many ups and downs; however, she wouldn't change a thing.


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