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Two Time Olympian, Silver Medalist, Canadian Rower Krista Guloien Releases Her First Book, Now Avail

Her First Book is called, "Beyond The Finish Line: What Happens When The Endorphins Fade". From Two Time Olympian, Silver Medalist, Canadian Rower Krista Guloien Comes An Honest Account Of Her Experience In Sport And Thereafter.

A first-hand account of what she experienced as an athlete, as a woman, and as a person living through a huge transition of change, from living and performing as a professional athlete to living a day to day life without rowing. After taking home several world cup titles and a silver medal in the London Olympics, Guloien retired following the 2012 London Olympics, where she won a Silver medal in the women's 8 for Canada.

Krista Guloien On Amazon

A west coast native to British Columbia, Canada, she lives near her family in the beautiful cities of Vancouver and Port Moody. Working with young women in various capacities, Guloien is finding happiness and success in practicing balance between passionate hard work and personal experiences. Open to the possibilities of the future, Krista shares in this book the ways in which her journey led her to find the inspired and strong space of mind to move beyond the race of rowing, and learn how to be a champion in life.

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