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Singer Daya In People Magazine Wearing Signature Style Studded Leather by Designer Marla Guloien

Teen Pop Sensation Daya Talks To People Magazine & Time Magazine About Her New Album, ‘Sit Still, Look Pretty’.

Shown here as well by Time Magazine, singer Daya wears a white-on-white studded leather jacket by designer Marla Guloien for her video interview for People magazine.

Time Magazine also asked her questions regarding her writing process, personal life and what to look forward to as her fan!

Time Magazine Interview

People Now Launches Summer Concert Series With Performances by Daya

People Now, PEOPLE’s daily, live online talk show, is set to host a summer concert series featuring a few of this summer’s breakout stars.

I didn't even realize these songs were Daya, but I certainly know every word to them. It's interesting how we can know an artist's work, but not know their name. I absolutely know her name now!

Daya you rock and you look gorgeous in the GlamRock by Marla Guloien.

Daya - Hide Away (Official Video)

The Chainsmokers - Don't Let Me Down ft. Daya

Daya - Sit Still, Look Pretty



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