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Lady Gaga At Super Bowl Sunday 2017

If you are like me, the real highlights of major sporting events such as the super bowl are the beer and the half time show. Every year, the performer who lands the gig of half time tries to one up last year's celebrity rockstars, but it is hard to imagine sometimes how that might be possible. There have been so many amazing performers for the super bowl, but did amazing!

Watch Lady Gaga goes from the roof to the stage in one of the most acrobatic & incredible Pepsi Zero Sugar Super Bowl LI Halftime show performances of all time.

Here Are My Top Super Bowl Half Time Shows:

Michael Jackson’s “Billie Jean” Healed the World | Super Bowl XXVII Halftime Show | NFL

Take a look at how Michael Jackson changed the way the Super Bowl Halftime Show would be for years to come.

Beyonce killed it a few years back with her mind blowing formation dance and collaboration with Cold Play and Bruno Mars.

Coldplay's FULL Pepsi Super Bowl 50 Halftime Show feat. Beyoncé & Bruno Mars! | NFL

Prince Super Bowl XLI Halftime Show