Navigating Life When Time Flies

As many times over I say that I want to write in my blog, I find myself with large gaps of time where there is nothing. Of course I could give you and myself reasons as to where I've been or what I've been doing, but I can't help but feel that times does in fact fly!

It's incredible to know that the idiom, "time flies" was first recorded around 1800 when Shakespeare used a similar phrase, "the swiftest hours, as they flew," as did Alexander Pope, "swift fly the years."

The human experience seemingly begs a particular set of questions about how to spend time; how to experience time. Some hours feel like they go so quickly, which turn into weeks and months, which turn into years. When we all are given the same 24 hours in a day, how does one decide to spend their time before its up?

Los Angeles, 2017

There are also a few times in life that a person you meet will remind you to slow yourself in the moment. These are the moments that will last with you for a lifetime.

My friend Mike "Treehouse" Racicot passed away July 26, doing what he loved. You were someone that made me stand still. In admiration, inspiration and appreciation I say goodbye to you my friend, How I wish time had not flown so fast since I last saw you. Cheers to your life and all that you did. You were amazing and will always be remembered.

May the little faces of joy and laughter replenish our hearts with love. Love is all around, especially if we seek.

Time flies, we all change and things carry on. Some of us are gone and greatly missed. Where they go, no one can be sure. For those who are still here, may you be present and in love, and continue to take one breath at a time.

With one breath, and one step, in time you can do anything.

Signing off this post with some of my favourite fur faces below.

Enjoy the good times, endure the bad, and remember in times of tears, everything will be ok.


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